Month: November 2013

Rainbows end.

Thanks to all the people that informed us of the vandalised advercycle near Stockbridge. The spokes were cut,as were the tyres.The bars and chainring were bent and the frame has been hit repeatedly until snapped.This can be done using tools found in the bike trade eg cable cutters and a large pair of bolt cutters. This was premeditated.Nothing was stolen,but a message was sent.Somebody feels threatened by competition.

Illegitimi non carborundumvandal vandal 2

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An odd chainset came in on an old mountain bike last week.Anybody know about them?4 ring

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With the cold weather coming in, isn’t it time you made sure the one you love is warm and cosy for the coming season.Show you care by making a handmade gift.Extra layers are always welcome.yarn-bomb-bike-1

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