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Spring is coming

Latest advercycle decorated for Spring. advercIncorporating all the colours seen at this time of year.

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Murrayfield to Leith by Bike; or by foot

Take in Scottish Galleries of Modern Art , Dean Village World Heritage Site, The Royal Botanic Gardens & The Royal Yacht Britannia.

This is an easy cycle or walk of about 4 miles. Taking anything from 20 minutes, up to 3 hours, depending on how many ducks you feed, photos you take, coffees or beers/wines/lunch you stop for. Suitable for the relatively unfit but able-bodied. Pretty much all downhill if going in this direction – about a 100m drop. There are about 200 yards on road – you can push your bikes on the pavement (sidewalk if you are foreign) if you don’t want to cycle on roads. This is one short set of stairs to carry your bike up (takes one minute). This ride/walk gives you a glimpse of Edinburgh even locals don’t see. If you don’t have a bike hire them & are at the Leith end of this cycle route so you could do it in reverse?

IMAG2389  IMAG2390

You start by turning off Roseburn Terrace into Roseburn Cliff (Murrayfield) following the “Water of Leith Walkway”. You will come to a set of stairs, on your left, down to the river. There is a channel to wheel your bikes down. The river is on your left – along with ducks & occasional herons.

IMAG2392   IMAG2397

Within 500 yards, if you want to visit the Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art (very good cafe for lunch) cross this bridge to your left. Chain your bikes at the bottom to save carrying up the steep steps.

IMAG2398   IMAG2400

IMAG2405    IMAG2403   IMAG2401


Carry on downriver. Passing steps to Haymarket Railway Station on your right. 100+ years ago these were private gardens. You will see the walls have been cut through to allow public access. Hooray! You then turn left over the river crossing a bridge onto the other side. The hotel on your left was one of many, many mills that used to line the river.

A little further…You may find that the path is shut here because there was some subsidence. If not, carry on into the Dean Village (a world heritage Site). If shut, turn right over the footbridge into Sunbury Place & follow the yellow diversion signs (5 minutes). Don’t panic if you get slightly lost here, it is worth a small wander around through some of these “mews” properties (former stables for the New Town), they are beautiful! If you see the former Bentley garage, turn around & go up back the hill & turn left into Belford Road

IMAG2412  IMAG2413

Drop down into the beautiful, World Heritage Site, Dean Village via HawthornBank Lane.

IMAG2414   IMAG2415

You will see the old Dean Village School on the other side of the river which has now been converted into luxury flats.

IMAG2416   IMAG2418IMAG2421

Below is the back of the fabulous, Victorian (secret!) Drumsheugh Swimming Baths. They are stunning. If you want to go bananas on a Trapeze over a swimming pool; now’s your chance. I kid you not.


You will come to the join of Bells Brae & Dean Path, you want to cross over into Miller Row. Stop for a wee break & soak up the atmosphere of the buildings. The River is still on your left. Go under the impressive Queensferry Road Bridge which links Edinburgh to the North of Scotland via the Forth Bridges. Can you imagine what it was like before they built this bridge!?.

IMAG2424   IMAG2425   IMAG2426   IMAG2427

On your left is Saint Bernard’s Well folly in a neo-Roman style. The well-house was originally built in 1760. The waters of the well were held in high repute for their medicinal qualities, nobility and gentry took summer quarters in the valley to drink deep of the water and take the country air, when Stockbridge wasn’t yet part of Edinburgh!

IMAG2431   IMAG2432   IMAG2434

The cyclepath leads into Saunders Street. If you have small children, push your bikes along the sidewalk. Turn left into Deanhaugh Street, cross the bridge over the river & immediately turn right, down the steps, before the clock-tower on Pizza Express. If you have small children, good lunch spot!

 IMAG2435   IMAG2436

You will come to another road bridge, turn left, then immediate right into Arboretum Avenue. Again, you might want to dismount & walk a few hundred yards. The road is very quiet though. Just before the end of Arboretum Avenue turn right into Rocheid Path along the river again. The Royal Botanic Gardens were about 100 yards in front of you. Well worth a FREE visit. One of the oldest & best Botanics in the world.



“The Stockbridge colonies” are on your right. These were the workers cottages for those who built the “New Town”. They may be small but are much sought after!

On your right…Another Victorian swimming baths – Glenogle – recent (£3 million) renovation. Awesome interior, council run & hence a bargain, open to the public


A beautiful private garden on your left. Who said palms can’t survive in Scotland?


Turn right & head over this bridge, following signs for “Leith”


The only steps you will encounter going upwards, not too taxing.


Turn left at the top of the steps into Brandon Terrace. Walk down to the traffic signals & cross straight over. Turn right & almost immediately turn left into Warriston Road. Follow the path until you cross the river on Warriston Road. You then need to immediately turn right leading into St Marks Park.

IMAG2444   IMAG2445

IMAG2446   IMAG2447

IMAG2449   IMAG2450

Go straight on through the park, Duck under the railway bridge!

(second duck of the trip – first swan though)

IMAG2451   IMAG2453

IMAG2454   IMAG2455

You then start to follow the old disused railway – pretty much straight on now down to Leith. A lot of Edinburgh’s cyclepaths are old railway lines

IMAG2458   IMAG2459

IMAG2461   IMAG2462

When you see the car park & hear the screach of seaguls, you have the option of stopping in the Water of Leith Café (Coburg Street) – or carrying on down the river into Leith itself. I recommend a stop! If you like fish, try the “Cullen Skink” smoked fish soup. Amazing.

If you would like to visit The Royal Yacht Britannia turn left into Coburg Street, then right after 30 yards into North Junction Street (after 500 yards leading into Ocean Drive). The Royal Yacht is in Ocean Terminal which is also a Shopping Mall with cinemas, shops, restaurants/cafes etc


IMAG2464   IMAG2465  Bike Hire & repair Shop is here, just off Coburg Street, in East Cromwell Street

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Commuter Chat

I passed 40 cyclists heading for Leith last night & 42 heading for Roseburn this morning. Does that mean the population of Leith is growing?

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New Addition to the rental fleet

A beauty, Sean thinks this is the bees knees. We will be renting it for £20 a day. If you want to fly?IMAG2359

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