Month: April 2014

´╗┐Commuter Chat

shock horror, I got overtaken by two, yes two, cyclists on the way to Leith today. They weren’t even lycra-clad whippets. I can go months in the winter without anyone passing me – the humiliation.

Counted 30 folk going the other way, nearly a record (32).

I also really, really don’t like the new “five way junction” priority. Why should the main cyclepath have give way markings? eh-

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Stolen Bike

Fuji Nevada mountain bike stolen 17/04/2014. Red /white with black handlebars , white grips, white seat , mount for a phone carrier on handlebar. Taken in the meadow bank area. If seen phone 07789076100, Benjamin David Buckles.Thanks

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Commuter Chat

Commuter Chat-
Coming in this morning I had to put the gloves back on, brrrr
Also, for the first time EVER, girls outnumbered boys on the cyclepath, what’s going on?!

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Did a little recon on Sunday. We’re still cheaper than the big H for inner tubes, brake blocks, repair kits, tyre levers, bottle cages, mudguards, cables ,tyres, servicing, repairs, etc. Our staff are qualified (and have ridden more than a BMX ). If you’d rather spend a little bit less and get better value and service go to an independent bike shop.
Attitude to shopping; “Quality Seeker – I’d rather spend a little extra on something if I know its going to last”, then why are you shopping at H ?

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