Month: October 2014



Alberto finds “outdoor” job when the sun shines. Boy was it needing a bit of paint though.

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Make your Friends Zealous

make your friends very zealous
Carrera Zelos
54cm aluminium road frame with steel fork, suit someone 5’10”-6’1″, 700c wheels, calliper brakes, 14 STI gears, bottle cage.
Good condition with new brake blocks. Proper road bike without breaking the bank, it will make your friends very zealous for £200zelos

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December/ January hours


 Closed December 25th, 26th & 27th and January 1st & 2nd.

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we buy used bikes



If you have an unwanted bike in the garage/stairwell, we can help! Even if it is unroadworthy we might be able to use it for spares & recycle it

many thanks!

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Commuter Chat-

IMAG295436 cyclists on the path today between Roseburn & Leith. Just goes to show a little wind never hurt anybody. Managed the commute without gloves too. Boiling for late October.

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Commuter Chat

Commuter Commuter Chat Chat-
RECORD BROKEN, 74, YES seventy-four cyclists this morning. Despite the leaves on the path. Hopefully the council will get-a-sweepin’ soon.


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