Month: June 2015

Just finished – for sale, second hand

For sale, second hand, good condition
Virus Incisor 15″
Steels frame suit someone 4’11”-5’2″ v-brakes 26″ wheels 18 gears.
New cables. Fully serviced.11666230_699789270127471_5868952374127929893_n

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How Green is this?

How green was your commute to work today? As green as this spiky little beast on the cycle path this morning??



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Commuter Chart

I passed 36 cyclists in the other direction this morning. Strange that the cooler & slightly rainy weather didn’t put more people off. Wind seems to have the biggest negative impact on numbers on the cycle path. There you go.

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More Flora

Commuter Chat-
Daisy, daisy give me your answer do. I had to go up the ramp to take this shot in the sun, lovely.

11048745_696707750435623_9195071652420295171_n 11535826_696707743768957_6322423922948714069_n

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Commuter “Flora” Chat

The flora of a cycle path. A corridor of beauty. Thistle do nicely sir. I’d hate to fall off into this little spiky, slightly frothy, sucker. Only 30 bikers today in my daily count? What’s going on, too windy?

IMAG0704 IMAG0703

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A record!

Commuter Record Chat-
Another Record! 69 cyclists this morning on the cyclepath! It must be the lack of wind that has dragged people back onto their bikes. Lovely to see!

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