Month: December 2015

Commuter Chat-

double the number on the paths today – now up to a giddy eight fellow cyclists. The problem with quiet cyclepaths is that nature starts to reclaim the paths. I have had two near misses with squirrels in two days. Has anyone ever run over a squirrel on a bike? I was wondering how slippy they are? Or are they more crunchy than slippy?

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News 28th Dec

Commuter Chat – Monday 28.12.15
Deserted streets & cycle-paths today. Only 4 cyclists passed this morning, none of whom were commuters by the looks of things. Boy was it warm, it was like a striptease -not in a good way- gloves off, jacket off, etc etc
Get your bike ready for the New YearWe are open this week until 3pm New Year’s Eve & then shut until Monday 4th Jan.

With the days getting longer after the winter-solstice (!?), more of us (hopefully) will be out enjoying the freedom of our bikes. Make sure your is up to scratch by booking in service. We offer 3 levels of service;

Basic Service -£30  Includes brakes & cables checked and adjusted, gears checked & tuned, tyres checked and pressure adjusted, drive chain checked and lubed, all bolts / nuts safety checked and tightened. General inspection with comments noted.

Medium Service – £50 All the above PLUS, cables and everything else that needs it lubricated, headset check, wheels/hubs/bearings check. Wheels trued (get rid of buckling).

Ultimate Service – £85  All of the above PLUS, headset stripped & greased, bottom bracket stripped & greased, bearings greased, replace all cables as needed (included in price).

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Thanks, Sean (Alberto has gone on hols back to Spain for 2 weeks…& I don’t blame him!)

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Commuter Chat-

Captureback up to 27 on the path today contra-commuting from Leith to Roseburn. So hot I had to take my gloves off. I think I will be back in shorts if this carries on, which looks likely. Hottest December on record?
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Holiday Hours

SHOP OPEN Mon-Sat 9-5pm. open Christmas Eve, SHUT 25-27th Dec. Open 28th-31st Dec, SHUT 1st-3rd Jan. Happy Hols guys!

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land of the Giants

Used for sale- Giant Rincon 19″ aluminium frame with front suspension, suit someone 5’10”-6’1″, 26″ wheels, V-brakes, 24 gears. giant-rincon-1024x677New cables, brake blocks, chain & cassette.    £165

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Rain Chat

Commuter Chat-13 fellow cyclists this morning, all well wrapped up.Says it all really. I started to get a sore neck after a few miles & realised I had my head crunched into my shoulders, it is quite hard to relax with a small trickle of water down your neck.. I have also realised that my waterproof jacket isn’t anymore. Trousers fared better!


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