Month: August 2017

Nice Comments!

Some nice feedback off the Scottish Government intranet site that a friend has passed on to me. Thanks Tom!

“Took three bikes to Grease Monkey for servicing before a European Cycle trip last summer. Sad to say very unimpressed with quality of service at that time, had a lot of straightforward mechanicals of trip that we should not have, and was very expensive. But sounds like they have changed their mechanic now. Glad they did a good job for you. I took my bike to Pedal Forth before this years trip (just back) – near office, in industrial estate just behind Tisos. Great service, super convenient and well priced, would recommend a try. No mechanicals this year, though admittedly did not ride as far or as hard.”

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Cycle path

Commuter Diary – a cracking day for a cycle- really busy today on the cyclepath. I think it is high time the council trimmed their bushes. they are starting to get unsightly, never mind making the path jolly narrow.

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