Second Hand KIDS Bikes FOR SALE

All bikes are fully serviced & safety-checked.
Updated 11th December 2017 

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Donnay R18 18”

Donnay R18 18” KIDS

Aluminium frame, suit age 4-8, 18 gears, V-breaks. New cables. Great condition.


Edinburgh Bicycle Calypso 20"

Edinburgh Bicycle Calypso 20" wheels KIDS
Suit age 4-9, 18 speeds, V-brakes. New cables and chain.  Good condition and mudguards included.


MERIDA DAKAR  24" Wheels

MERIDA DAKAR  24" Wheels
Aluminium Frame front suspension, 24" wheels, 21 gears, V Brakes. New Chain, freewheel, cables and Saddle.