Cycle Hire Edinburgh

Mon-Sat 9-5pm

Tel 0131 554 9990
17 East Cromwell St, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6HD, Scotland
(one mile from Edinburgh city centre)

 OPEN Bank Holidays: except Christmas day, Boxing day, New Years day & the 2nd January

We are delighted to offer a great value Bicycle Rental Service in Edinburgh. The Pedal Forth bike rental shop is literally at the end of a cycle path which can take you almost anywhere in the city SAFELY, without having to cycle on roads. Leith (Edinburgh's Harbour area) is a fantastic place to start your Edinburgh cycling adventure & is home to the Royal Yacht Britannia among other attractions. There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants, bistros & pubs to fortify you for your journey! Cycling gives you a chance to see places your average visitor or tourist (or local!) never even imagines  existing. There are some fantastic cycle routes around Edinburgh which we can recommend. Many of these routes involve NO TRAFFIC at all.  We sell spokes maps to help you around if needed. I have laid out all the terms & conditions below for our bike rent. I also wrote a cycling blog guide for to give you a flavour of one route I recommend.



£10 per 4 HOURS - or part thereof - PER BIKE

Copy of Passport or photo driver’s licence + Credit/Debit card.


£15 per 24 HOUR PERIOD -  PER BIKE 

Copy of Passport or photo driver’s licence + Credit/Debit card.


Hire for 5 DAYS - GET 2 DAYS more FREE (7 for the price of 5)

£90 DEPOSIT per Bicycle (because they are decent bikes!) + copy of Passport or photo driver’s licence





Bicycle Condition All of our bicycles are maintained by a professional mechanics and therefore are hired to you in a fully serviced state. “The Renter” acknowledges and agrees that “the Bicycle” and all accessories and attachments are in good condition and undertakes not to misuse them.  If, during your stay in Edinburgh, “The Renter” has any problems with “the Bicycle” we will repair it for free as part of the service. You must bring the bike back for repair at the first available opportunity. If the bicycle is beyond immediate repair, “Pedal Forth Cycle Hire” will endeavour to provide a replacement bicycle for the remainder of the hire or we will refund the remaining time of the hire.

Injuries “The Renter” will be entirely liable for any injuries sustained during the hire period related to the bicycle hire & understands that cycling is a sport which, although generally very safe, has some risk involved. The bicycles will only be hired to the “The Renter” if they are in a safe condition. “The Renter” should confirm they are happy with the condition of the bicycles upon commencement of the hire.

Damage “The Renter” shall be solely responsible for damage to any bicycle, accessories or equipment (other than fair wear and tear) and “Pedal Forth Cycle Hire” reserves the right to call upon “The Renter” to indemnify “Pedal Forth Cycle Hire” for the repair or replacement of any damaged or lost item.

Costs or injuries “The Renter” shall indemnify “PedalForth Cycle Hire” in respect of all costs, claims, expenses, and demands which it may suffer or incur and which arise directly or indirectly out of the use of “the Bicycle” during the period of hire. “The Renter” is responsible for familiarising themselves with the safe operation of the bicycle. “The Renter” also declares that they, & everyone they are responsible for, are competent cyclists & are aware of all Edinburgh traffic regulations pertaining to bicycles.

Fines “The Renter” shall be solely responsible for any fines, impositions or other penalties occasioned by the use of the Bicycle during the period of hire. “The Renter” also agrees not to use the bicycle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Times “The Renter” is responsible for ensuring that any hires are returned by the agreed times. “PedalForth Cycle Hire” reserves the right to charge for any late returns.

Re-Selling “The Renter” may not sell, sublease, lend or otherwise part with possession of the hired equipment.

Lost  Lost or Stolen Bikes and Accessories are not covered by any insurance policy. “The Renter” will lose their deposit if the bike & accessories are not returned to us. If “The Renter” fails to return any accessories provided then they will be charged according to replacement cost. We cannot accept alternative accessories other than those that we have supplied with the bike.

Recovery Service  We do NOT operate a free call out or recovery service for rented bikes. “The Renter” is responsible for the return of the bike for either repair or at the end of their rental period. We MAY be able to organise an uplift but we will charge for this service at cost.

Delivery  We charge £15 for bike delivery & £15 for collection within Edinburgh city limits. HOWEVER, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE as you need to be fitted for the correct size of bike & helmet.