Lors of Sunshine & only a TOUCH of wind

rocket-bicycleNo Excuses for not getting on your bike over the next week or so. Very light wind, warm sunshine, perfect. Just stay in front of gassier cyclists

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Tour De Leith

Tour De France crashI wish they’d fix these potholes

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wheels a bit wobbly?

bikeSaw this bike this morning on the way to work, sadly, possibly may be even beyond OUR means to fix it!

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Short waiting time on servicing & repairs

Just to let you know that if we have a short waiting list on repairs at the moment (5th July) which means very little “off road” time for your beloved bike = Super-Speedy-repairs

We can pick up & drop off for free too!Going-way-too-fast-coloring-page

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Check your brakes in the Wet!

77 Crazy Bike Crash
A bit wetter today, less cyclists about (wimps!), get your brakes checked for the wet at Pedal Forth TODAY, go carefully!
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On your Hols Soon? Excited?

Hello, anyone going away on any kind of cycling holidays? Want to get your bike feeling its very best again before going away? Just Give Us a call here at Pedal Forth 0131 511 1115bike-lane

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