January Commuting in Edinburgh

Seeing as it is minus 3 degrees in Madrid tonight, Alberto (our head mechanic from Madrid) is SO happy he is in Edinburgh, a full 9Capturemadrid degrees warmer!

There were 48 folk on the cyclepath between Roseburn and leith today (slightly down on the 50 on Monday). These are both January records since my records began in 2013.




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Open and Shut – New Year

open Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm (Closing 3pm New Year’s Eve)

Shut 1st and 2nd Jan. 2017. Open as normal other days.

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Gorgeous Autumn Colours

imag1048The path is getting quieter and quieter as the weather gets colder. Still had nearly 40 folk going past me yesterday though.

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Commuting Heaven in Edinburgh




Commuter Chat- 43 commuters on the cyclepath this morning (44 yesterday). Awesome numbers for November! A record…
Not a shabby way to get to work.

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Commuter Chat-

Well, after a snap frost earlier in the week it has gone a bit milder. I’m not even having to revert to gloves on my commute. There were a healthy 35 fellow commuters going in the other direction past me this morning. Plus one dodgy doggy off its’ lead. The same one as usual, alongside its’ soor-face ownercapture

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It with some sadness that Sean has decided to move on to pastures greener. See ya dude. We have taken on Hector (yes, Achilles arch-enemy from Troy re-incarnated) to attempt to replace the unreplaceable.


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Autumn? Make sure your rubber is new

Is that really summer over? September is here and the leaves are fading and the paths get slippier, make sure your tyres have grip!IMAG0074[1]

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