Good idea. Bike Theft Checker.

Bike shops and customers can now check a bicycle’s history through Bike Checker and BikeRegister unveils code of practice for second-hand bike shops

BikeRegister has launched a free Bike Checker service to help cycle retailers verify they are buying bikes from a genuine source.

The new Bike Checker facility can be used by both retailers and members of the public to check the origin of second-hand bikes being offered to them for sale.

According to BikeRegister, more than half of all bike thefts take place from an owner’s property and bike thieves are becoming increasingly more organised, with the ease with which a stolen bike can be sold continuing to encourage the theft of bikes.

Alongside the BikeChecker facility, BikeRegister has unveiled a new Code of Practice for the Purchase and Sale of Second-hand bikes.

The code of practice has been developed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service’s Cycle Task Force and other police partners who are looking at ways to expand the successful Project Cycle Ops launched a year ago by Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, which delivered a reduction of cycle crime in London of over 10 per cent in its first year.