Mon-Sat 9-5pm

Tel 0131 554 9990
17 East Cromwell St, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6HD, Scotland
(one mile from Edinburgh city centre)

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Our Prices

We offer great value and great quality repairs. Best value in town? Probably!
We are a warehouse repair shop, hence less than High Street prices.
If it's a minor thing we will only charge a nominal amount to cover our time.
We do a quick FREE safety check on any bike you bring in.

minimum labour charge £6
15 minutes labour £8
30 minutes labour £12

pick up & delivery fee (if repair less than £100) £30

fit tube / tyre £5.50
true wheel £13
supply & fit spoke + true (£2 each spoke) £15
tighten hub axle £8
replace or re-grease axle/ bearings £14

cable brake adjust (front or rear) £8
brake block replace + adjust (per brake) £13
loosen seized brake (front or rear) £9
fit cable brake + adjust (front or rear) £12
bleed hydraulic brake inc. fluid (front or rear) £18
fit rotor/ fit pads (front or rear) £9

gear adjust (front or rear) £8
fit cable + adjust gears (front or rear) £12
fit chain, chainset, cassette or freewheel £7
fit chain-set + adjust front gears £18
fit shifter + adjust gears (front or rear) £12
fit both shifters + adjust gears £20
fit dirailleur + adjust gears (front or rear) £15
fit hanger + adjust rear gears £12
fit bottom bracket £18
tighten a loose bottom bracket £9

fit headset £19
fit bar tape £9
fit mudguards, computer, stand, rack, pedals, seat or lights £6
fit childseat £8
remove seized bottom bracket or seatpost £25
strip bike for posting £18
build childrens bike £25
build adults bike £40
clean drive-train or bike prior to repair £15

Feeling a little deflated? Does your trusty steed have a puncture? 

We sell NEW inner-tubes from £5.50
Or we can cheer you up from £11 including FITTING.

Fancy fixing it yourself but don't know how? We can tutor you for £25 per hour, up to 2 people (bring a friend, that's only £12.5 each!). Setting your gears, brakes, building a bike from the box, fixing punctures.Whatever you need to know. Give us a call to arrange a time.


If you leave your bicycle with us and don't collect it within 3 months of the "booking in date", we reserve the right to dispose of your bicycle in order to recoup any costs incurred. We will endeavour to contact you at least 3 times. Please make sure we have your correct contact details.


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