Mon-Sat 9-5pm
Tel 0131 554 9990
17 East Cromwell St, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6HD, Scotland
(one mile from Edinburgh city centre)

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Service prices exclude parts if required.
We will always phone you to discuss any further work & parts IF needed.
There will be NO obligation to have further work done.

£35 Light & Fruity

“Standard service”

  • Brakes & cables checked & adjusted
  • Gears checked & tuned
  • Tyres checked & Tyre pressure checked & adjusted
  • Drive-chain check, Lube chain, all Bolts/nuts safety checked & tightened if needed.
  • Inspection of all other parts & comments noted as appropriate

£50 Medium-Bodied

“A very good intermediate one”

  •  All the £35 service PLUS.
  • Cables & everything else that needs it…Lubricated.
  • Headset/tyres/hubs/bearings/gears/brakes check & adjustment.
  • Wheels checked and trued to get rid of buckling.
  • Inspection of all parts & comments noted as appropriate.

£85  Ultimate

“The monty”

  • All the intermediate service PLUS…
  • Headset stripped & Greased
  • Bottom bracket stripped & greased
  • Bearings greased
  • Careful cleaning.
  • Replacement of all cables as required (included in the price)

If you leave your bicycle with us and don’t collect it within 3 months of the “booking in date”, we reserve the right to dispose of your bicycle. We may sell your bicycle to recoup any costs incurred. We will endeavour to contact you at least 3 times. Please make sure we have your correct contact details.